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Are you suffering from a Curved Penis?

you are likely suffering from Peyronie's disease. Finally a Peyronie's Disease treatment without Injections or surgery in los angeles! 

at the novus center in studio city

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Stephanie Wolff, P.A.-C

Chief Medical Practitioner

A nationally recognized authority on sexual wellness, Stephanie Wolff has helped thousands of men reclaim their performance in the bedroom using "The Novus Protocol," an integrative approach that works with the body to regenerate itself and heal the root cause, rather than blindly prescribing more drugs that only treat the symptoms.

The Novus Center Helps peyronie's disease WITHOUT Penile Shrinkage

Not all Peyronie's Disease Treatments Are Created Equal

Our patients experience stronger erections because we address the root cause, not just the symptoms.

Our non-invasive, drug-free, and surgery-free alternative has an over 90% success rate. 

Men enjoy a fix to their curved penis and even an improved performance from before their affliction.

Our patients tell us all the time that Peyronie's Disease treatments such as Collagenase Injections can result in loss of penis length.

The same goes for Surgery for Peyronie's Disease. These invasive treatments can have permanent consequences.

At Novus we help spur the body's natural healing ability through non-invasive treatments to fix Peyronie's Disease naturally with no side effects.

Our patients experience stronger erections because we address the root cause, not just the symptoms.

Our non-invasive, drug-free, and surgery-free alternative has an over 90% success rate

Men enjoy a fix to their curved penis and even an improved performance from before their affliction.


How to Fix a Curved Penis

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2. We'll learn the root cause of your curved penis

3. Start reversing the root cause at The Novus Center.

How Did I get Peyronie's disease? 

 Penile Injury - Sexual or Physical

The injury that causes Peyronie's Disease doesn't have be severe, and it can stem from vigorous sex, athletic injury, or any other kind of accident.

80% of the time patients don't even notice the injury that resulted in their Peyronie's Disease. 

We theorize many men roll over their erection in their sleep and do not notice, it can be that minor. 

Peyronie's Scar Tissue in the Penis 

Injuries result in scar tissue inside the penis which constricts the ability of the penis to increase in size; resulting in pain, curvature, and a shorter penis.

The curved penis (Peyronie's Disease) can make it too painful for men to have sex.

Life with Peyronie’s Disease  

Men with Peyronie’s disease may become depressed because of it and are oftentimes too embarrassed to consult with a doctor.

Many may be afraid of surgery or the potentially harmful side effects of medications that treat the symptoms rather than the cause. 

But with advancements in technology, there are ways to treat Peyronie’s Disease with no surgery at all.

Naturally Fix a Curved Penis with shockwave therapy

Our Peyronie's Disease treatments are easy and effective

Safely Remove Scar Tissue and Plaque

Shockwave Therapy uses sound waves to safely break down the scar tissue and plaque within the penis from Peyronie's Disease.

Your body then processes it out through your kidneys. 

Grow New Blood Vessels

Shockwave Therapy has been clinically demonstrated to foster "angiogenesis," the growth of new blood vessels. New blood vessels means more blood can fill the penis, allowing even stronger erections to occur.

Hear a Testimonial from a Novus Peyronie's Patient 

Quick & Painless

The NOVOWave™ procedures consist of a series of 15- to 20-minute treatments. Numbing creams are also used to make the treatment virtually pain free. 

The pulsating acoustic shockwaves stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the penis to increase blood flow and, in turn, enhance sexual function. 

The procedure also stimulates new nerve tissue growth in the penis. The results are satisfactory and long-lasting.

Take Back Your Intimacy

Our patients report greater sexual satisfaction with their partner after receiving treatment at The Novus Center. It's time to take back your love life.

Over 40 studies prove Shockwave Therapy works for men.

Shockwave Therapy isn't a pill, an injection, a vacuum pump, or a cheap toy. Its technology is backed by real medical research, and there's no negative side effects.

Dozens of medical studies show Shockwave Therapy treats:

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • ​Peyronie's Disease
  • ​Poor blood flow
  • ​Weak erections

The Novus Center Can treat All other root causes of Erectile Issues

During your consultation, we'll assess your root cause and treatment options. Just apply now.

  • ​Faulty blood vessels
  • ​Low testosterone
  • ​Venous leak
  • ​Nerve damage
  • ​Prostate surgery
  • ​Diabetes
  • ​High blood pressure
  • ​Your psychology
  • ​An unhealthy lifestyle
  • ​Peyronie's Disease

Fix Your Curved Penis With Novus:

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2. If you're a good candidate, begin treatment.

3. Start reversing your curved penis at The Novus Center.

Don't Just Regain Pain Free Erections..



One Time Treatment! 🚀

Clinical Studies on shockwave therapy for peyronie's disease

Feel free to print them out and show your primary care physician.

"Our results support SWT as an effective and safe first-line treatment for Peyronie's disease."

"All the patients had improvement in erectile function (100%). Thirty percent had painful erection that all of them were relieved of after therapy (100%)."

"There were improvements in penile curvature (more than 15 degrees in 33% of men), plaque hardness (60% of men) and penile pain (4 out of 6 men) following LiESWT. 

No complication was reported and the majority of patients were satisfied (rated 4 out of 5; 70% of men) and would recommend this therapy to others."

"Low-intensity shockwave therapy was shown to be effective in subjects with organic erectile dysfunction, and the treatment effect was maintained for up to 2 years post-treatment. The treatment is reported to be safe and well-tolerated and have little downtime."

"The present study confirms the beneficial effect of LI-ESWT on penile hemodynamics and the beneficial effect of this treatment up to 12 months."

Improving The Love Lives of our patients

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from other men just like you.

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